28. Dec, 2016

Hockley Woulds and Didn'ts - 27th December

Over to Hockley hoping to add a few to my list in an effort to make it to #1 in Essex. A quick find of the Flower in Hockley Woods. It was officially a Bank Holiday so parking was free. :-)

Then free parking behind the Coop but no luck with Snail Mail but a cracking E2R wall box. No luck either at the next one, something Post. It was looking good until seven scrotes came out of the nearby shop and started vaping. It was like bonfire night so I had to move on.

A quick find at 3040, followed by another at Where have all the cachs gone. Nearby was a fine G5R type B letterbox. So it was just three out of five today but I reached 2K for the year. I need a bumper day on Thursday and a few on NYE to stand a chance of reaching my goal. I also need to fit in getting a new phone before Saturday which will probably complicate things.