2. Jan, 2017

Chelmsford Cache-up - 31st December

I wanted to get a few more caches under my belt on the last day of the year. I started off in West Hanningfield picking up two of Caz's puzzles and then changed my plans heading off up to Little Waltham to try for more of the VS series.

I tried for 2 multis which were quickly found, although I was one final digit out on one but it was only a few steps out.

I drove down into the city to try to find Marriages, Deaths etc., Although I knew I was in the right place and walked for the correct amount of steps in the right direction, I was unable to find the cache. So it was four on the day. 

To round things up, I finished the year with 4410 caches with 2045 caches found in Essex in 2016. I found caches in four new countries, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece and the USA.

What will 2017 bring? I have 2 new countries booked up and plans for more. I want to go for more quality, so I will concentrate on filling grids and raising my project gc stats profile.

Happy New Year!