3. Jan, 2017

My first YOSM

Ye Old Survey Monuments is a branch of geocaching linking OS trig points with virtual caches. I spotted a reference to a local YOSM in a log for one of my ST logs so I thought I'd better follow it up.

YOSM067 - Hawkesbury Bush - DT 1/3 is a pillar

I parked up near Hawkesbury Bush Lane and walked down the footpath. I luckily spotted an entrance into an SSSI which seemed to go in the direction that I needed to go. There was a lot of blackthorn bushes but there was an easy path through for me to follow. It led to the trig point that I was looking for.

I took some photos trying to understand what was in front of me. Maybe I'll try for more of these. At least I have another virtual cache to my list.