5. Jan, 2017

Silver End Mop-UpI

A poor night's sleep meant that I started later than I had hoped. I was planning to start in Silver End to pick up some orphans that needed turning smiley and then work my way up into Braintree for some more orphan.

I picked up 5 out of 6 trads in Silver End and then started winding around the lanes, winkling out some more trads before landing at Braintree Freeport. I had one DNF on the way but found a cracking trad hidden in a PP9 battery which is the first one of these that I've seen.

I added the Freeport ST to the list and the Cachemere cache before resting with a coffee and some of my sandwiches. Leaving here, I wound my way up towards Braintree Station picking off some more strays. After finding the ST, I parked up and wandered around town for an hour but had 3 DNFs. Then my phone battery failed so I got out my backup power pack and realised that I'd brought the wrong cable!!!!

Thinking that caching was done for the day, I went back to the car and then realised that I could charge the phone in car! If I drove a few miles, I'd get enough charge to find a few more caches. So it was off to Black Notley to have a look for the Marts Mayhem series. I found six trads here and had to dip out on one because it was on a track filled with passing school kids. I didn't think that they'd gone back to school yet.

I decided to call it a day so off to get some shopping at the local sooper. I'd found 24 caches including two STs, not bad for a late start.