7. Jan, 2017

Quality not Quantity

That's my New Years resolution so let's give it a try! An early couple of hours on a Saturday is my usual start to the weekend. So it was off to SWF to look for Nathan's new Next Stop Maldon cache. I turned out to be on the rising track bed of the old Woodham to Maldon railway. Technically it should have been Next Stop Stow St Mary's. A well positioned cache picked out by my little torch.

Then it was off to the CM at Woodham Ferrers to try to solve this one. I realised what the info source was but couldn't see how to turn it into coordinates. I took photos and later on in the day, it all came apparent. I'll soon be back to try for the cache and the bonus.

I moved on to the Bicknacre Priory cache and moved around the stages but when I got to the final stage, I realised that the iPhone wouldn't be good enough to solve it. I needed a decent compass, hope it can find my Silva.

Finally I went over to the Hazeleigh View cache which I'd DNFed last time. I had emailed the CO to see it I should put a replacement down but there was no reply. I had another good look at GZ but no joy so I put down the replacement hoping that the CO would accept this. Fingers crossed eh!