9. Jan, 2017

Woodham CM revisited

I came back for another go at the puzzle CM at Woodham Ferrers today. I worked out the coordinates at home after dipping out last Saturday. I was hoping to find this as there was a bonus attached to it.

I couldn't park in n the church car park as it was full up with horse boxes so I was someway up the road. Anyway I walked down to GZ and it was where I had found myself last time, at a bridge. So it was underneath but I couldn't see it. I looked in the nearby trees but no joy. In desperation, I contacted a friend and I was in the right place , I just couldn't see it!! Eventually I struck lucky and found the cunningly hidden cache.

After extracting the coordinates for the bonus, it was a muddy walk to a magnificent tree in the middle of a field where I located the bonus. There was a splendid view from here and I made out a group of horsemen, maybe horsewomen, who knows, in the distance. So it was two puzzles today and now three on the trot, no pun intended.