11. Jan, 2017

Rawreth Hides - 10th January

I needed a cache for this mini run so came up to Rawreth for a couple of the new caches that Nathan has set out. The CM was a quick find but inside the cache was the coords for the bonus. Armed with these, I walked down the footpath towards GZ.

The last time I was here, I could have done with a machete to cut through the undergrowth blocking the path. This time it was clear and when I got to GZ, I could see why. There was a new bridge. There was a cache for the now archived CM under the old bridge. I remember dropping the nano in the water and having to retrieve it!

This time there was a large box tucked right under. I oiked it out with a branch found nearby. The log was made up of sticky labels signed and stuck on the inside of the box. After putting everything back together, the box was rammed back in place.

Before I headed for home I sized up the Rawreth #VS so I could pop back here early Sunday for an insurance cache.