12. Jan, 2017

Snow Joke

Last night, it became apparent that a lot of snow would hit Essex and East Anglia this afternoon. My plans to cache in the Highwoods area of Colchester were abandoned as I didn't know which direction that the snow was coming from. I decided that I would go west because it was an area that I hadn't cached much in and there were good roads in case the snow came early.

I started off in Upminster, moved around Hornchurch and Gidea Park until the rain that was going to turn into snow got too heavy. There wasn't a lot of long walks, mainly park and cache rather than cache n dash. I has a few DNFs, of which some were missing.

I found 19 caches today including four CMs, which was nice. I was in Gidea Park when the GPS on my iPhone threw a wobbler so I lost a lot of time because I couldn't get any accuracy. At one point, I was 300m out! I remembered that I could reboot the phone and then it was ok again. I tried it out on one last cache, a CM in Hornchurch and everything was fine.

Just the slow journey back home through the heavy rain arriving before the snow hit!