14. Jan, 2017

Retreating from Great Burstead - 13th January

A new puzzle cache appeared called Burstead Grange and I was immediately interested as I born in The Retreat in Great Burstead but I could never find out where that was. Could this place be linked in any way? I solved the puzzle which was based on some obscure dark ages language in quick time and today was time to look for it.

Although the cache had been published for a few days, it was still unfound. An FTF is always welcome so I parked near the entrance to the footpath and set off. It was slushy underfoot and I was still concerned about the accuracy of my GPS. There was no need to worry as I went straight to the cache. Yay, the log was unsigned so another FTF under my belt. There was also a TB to snaffle. We're jetting off over the weekend so hopefully I can drop it off somewhere.

I had time to kill so pootled over to Hadleigh CP to see if I could make some headway with The Beamflote Beast! Unfortunately GZ was in the middle of an open space and the hint was somewhere in the text! No idea so maybe I won't bother again.