14. Jan, 2017

Southend Sweep

I decided to pick off a few stragglers in the Southend area this morning so was at St Saviour's Cache at first light for a quick find. I then moved on to the last Seafront Series cache that I needed for an even quicker find!

I then went down to the pier to look for the Southend Pier puzzle cache that I've been sitting on for ages. I was led underneath the oldest part of the Victorian structure delving amongst the ironwork. I found it quicker than I thought that I would.

The last one on my list was the Churchill Gardens cache which was opposite perhaps the best fish & chip shops area- The East Street Fishbar! This place was a revelation. a hidden valley running parallel with Victoria Avenue, which 99% of passers by wouldn't know anything about. A very clever cache found in quick time but it was well worth a fave.

I'd come for four caches, I swept up and found four caches so I took a leisurely drive home. None of this tearing around to get just one more cache. Quality not Quantity, peeps.