22. Jan, 2017

Heybridge Highlights - 21st January

I had to deliver some stuff to Heybridge and there were three unfound caches nearby. I found the first one, a trad named Chiffchaff quite quickly but no birdsong today. The Chiffchaff is a migrant warbler and the nearby bushes will be full of Chiffchaffs come the spring.

About a mile up the road was a multi based on a carpark sign. I worked out where GZ was but then noted that the last visitor couldn't find it anywhere. However when I looked for Another Point Of View it was a very quick find.

The next cache was further along the sea wall towards Heybridge GP and after a brisk walk, the hint was obvious but the trad cache Frog Skip and JUMP wasn't! There had been an exceptional high tide along the East Coast in the week and it was possible that the cache had been washed away. 

I posted a DNF but the CO visited the cache later and agreed that it had been washed away. However the CO told me to log the cache anyway. As it was such a long way off the beaten track, I took them up on their offer. So another three caches in the bag.