25. Jan, 2017

Roman Invasion Overcome - 24th January

CazMockett has set out a puzzle series to the south and west of the county city subtitled Brains not Brawn. They are a tricky little bunch but I have been picking them off when my brain has been functioning. 

Roman Invasion is one of this series and I managed to decipher the hieroglyphics the other evening. It's always a buzz when the geochecker agrees with me! So I rode down the aptly named Roman Road (I wonder what the A in A12 means if it is indeed a Roman road?) to where the coordinates told me to go. It was another buzz when my hand made contact with the cache!

To round things off, I drove into Ingatestone to try to find a find an errant duo from the Anglo European School series. At one, where I'd DNFed before, I found not only the drop down replacement but the original, twelve inchs away! So I placed them together to save the next cacher a headache.

I also looked for another of the series down Fryerning Lane but yet another dip to add to all the other dippers. Anyway I put a NM on it so that the CO can at least confirm that it is still there. probably all the teachers and kids who set the caches have moved on so nobody will be interested.