25. Jan, 2017

Foggy Breakthrough in Braintree

A change of plan this week so it's Wednesday for my day out. We're off to see the Motown show today in town tomorrow hence the change. Unfortunately it's foggy and frosty so I don't think that I am going to get lots of caches. The forecast was for thick fog early on and as I got smashed to bits in a car crash in fog many years ago, I decide to have a later start!

I had planned a route around Braintree which started at the new Watering Hole cache on the way to Silver End, which was quickly bagged. I then picked up three of the John Ray Way series. I had to park at the Cressing Temple for the last two so celebrated with a bacon sandwich at the Wilkin's tea room.

Suitably refreshed, I picked up one of the Braintree supermarket series #5, followed by John Ray Street, set by the local Scout troop, with the icing on top being the local offering of the Stumped series.

This run of finds can't last and although I picked up Warners Mill, I DNFed the CM in the centre of town then another supermarket series, #1, before getting on track with another supermarket #3.

Failure at Rockman set me back but I carried on regardless and headed for Bocking where it was mainly good news. I found Lennon's New Walk, Bridgemarsh, Daffy's Walk, Its Always a Seven and Fisherman's Friend, all trads. I had a walk along the stream to get Stream View, then off for Windy's No. 1 (how can I not see a 60' high post mill?)

The fog was thickening again so I found Field View but had another DNF at the Braintree Water Tower before I called it a day to get home before dusk. The tally was 17 trads on the day, a number of DNFs but still a good day. Oh I also reached cache #4500.