27. Jan, 2017

Fishy Hands - 26th January

I only had a short window of opportunity today but I was itching to get over to the Dengie to find the Who's Hands Whose cache. This is a puzzle based on a poker game, trying to work out the cards held by each player. I sorted it out over two or three nights, making a stupid error but was pointed in the right direction by the CO. 

There was no cache checker on this one but the coords looked good. Pulling up near GZ, I spotted where the cache could be and there it was in my hand. It hadn't been found for 16 months. I had another puzzle cache up my sleeve out this way!

However I couldn't find the coords so had to work them out again. I then drove over to St Lawrence and realised that I'd been here befor. I also knew what the cache was! However it was broken but I was able to improvise and hoik the cache out. So the Fish Supper puzzle cache has been polished off and it's off home to get ready for some Motown magic up the west end.

Many thanks to Gilly aka BeannSprout for these caches, both awarded faves.