28. Jan, 2017

Maldon Promenade

Another early start today arriving at Purleigh at 07:35 just as dawn was breaking. I was after another of the Village Sign series, one which the CO said that we'd have to lay on the ground to find! I had to kneel but not lay to spot the cache. Into the opening post office for a paper and off to Maldon to pick up some multis.

However, I had to have another look for #15 of the No Mud series which has thwarted me for months. Strangely I put my hand straight on the thing and it's completely different from what I was expecting. Trust me to overthink things!

I moved onto Promenade Park where runners were limbering up for a race. I tried to work out a multi based on a muriel painted on the toilet block but I kept noticing more of the things that I was suppowed to be counting. I eventually got some coords but couldn't find the cache. Later I realised that I'd got one of the numbers wrong and hadn't looked at the hint which may have made things a touch easier. I was in the right vicinity though.

I worked out a couple of multis, one a CM, and bagged those before going up to the Thomas Plume Library for another CM multi. However I couldn't find the sign with the wording shown in the cache description. One for another day, I'm sure. There aren't many caches left to find in Maldon so I'll have to return.

Tomorrow I have my first event that I've organised so I'm looking forward to that. I've even bought a little bucket for the travel bugs.