1. Feb, 2017

It's Dark In The Park - 31st January

Tonight was my first venture into night caching. The nearest unfound cache to me was a night cache but I've been putting it off. Not frightened of it but I always seem to be busy! I set off with my wellington boots and a torch. 

I found the first tack which meant "straight on" but to do that would have sent me into a hedge so  I turned the only direction that I could. I didn't find any more tacks and came up against another hedge. I had to turn and luckily came to a tree with two tacks so I could turn with confidence!

I found another tree with one tack and carried on for 200 yards until I came to another hedge but no tacks. At this point I started searching every tree looking for tacks. I struck lucky and followed a sequence of tacks but ended up at a familiar spot. I reckoned that one tack was missing so turned and retraced my steps and eventually arrived at a tree with three tacks, my goal.

After delving around at the base of the tree, there was the cache. Thankfully everything was dry and after signing the log, went on my way. I noticed later that there should have been a TB in the cache but I didn't realise.

I'll have to look for another night cache now :-)