6. Feb, 2017

Caching Catch-Up

Yesterday I drove down a quiet A13 to try for the Side-tracked Rainham cache. I parked for free and tried to get my bearings. The cache was on the other side of the level crossing and the gates were down! Once the train had departed, I followed the hint and the cache was soon in hand, cheers, Nathan.

My next port of call was aptly named Travel on the A13. This was based on a bus timetable at a stop in Aveley. I'd managed to work out some coords at home which looked good. They looked even better at GZ but unfortunately the cache was not to be found! I went to check the timetable and I'm sure that the timings had been altered. The coords no longer work! I've sent the CO an email and posted an NM to get things checked out.

Today, I visited the Thames Chase forestry centre out on the back doubles on the way to Upminster. After paying my quid for parking, I set off to GZ. There was once a large series of caches here with a bonus but this is the sole survivor. Recent log entries were saying that the log needs replacing. I stuffed a new one in there as I'm sure the CO isn't doing any maintenance and unless we do it, the cache will be lost.