12. Feb, 2017

Paddling Around Terling

I decided to have an early start on Sunday this weekend so headed over to Terling, an old village north of the A12, about six miles from the county city. It was a misty start but I was planning to tackle a cache under a river bridge. I hope I dont get wet.

My first port of call was Windmill View, surprisingly with a view of the Terling Smock Mill from the cache. A very well hidden trad but I was up to it. I made a half hearted visit down to the next one, Terling Ford. This does what it says on the tin. I had a quick look along the tarmac as per the hint but no joy. However as I had my wellies on, I got down and kept dry and blimey there it was! This one will have a envious few cachers who've DNFed it, wondering where it is.

The next one was again in the River Ter underneath a road bridge but the water was too deep here so I saved it until the water level goes down. I walked up the river bank towards the next cache, A Bridge Over The River Ter. I liked the word "over" and the cache was a quick find despite it being very well hidden.

I tried to find Back To Basics. This is based on bearings from Fairstead and Little Leighs Churches. I had a sort of plot on where the cache was but there wasn't a cache there. I couldn't see the churches because of the mist so I couldn't take bearings - another day perhaps!

Now I'm anticipating the 3 Go Team caches that I've organised for this evening. I have cachers from UK, Germany, USA, Norway, Holland, Australia, Lithuani, maybe Sweden and the Czech Republic lined up!! I hope it all works out, it's going to be exciting!