16. Feb, 2017

International Geocaching- 15th February

After the success of Go Team geocaches last Sunday, a cacher in Australia brought a couple of international caches in Holland to my attention. A cacher in one country will get part of the final coordinates but they will be different to those seen in another country. 

So the name of the game is to contact enough cachers around the world to get enough parts to assemble the final coords. I was able to get the final coords of both International Geocaching and then Travelling Around The World. Luckily I had a Dutch cacher TribblesNL in my team and he was able to go out to Elburg and find the cache. 

I had contacted the CO and his rules were that my name must appear on the actual log sheet. Well as mine did, I claimed the cache. No doubt the purists will say, you must sign the log sheet to claim the cache. However I have gone along with the COs wishes but I have already cached in Holland so the map is already coloured in.

I would be reluctant, however, to claim Go Team Quebec as I have never visited that place.