20. Feb, 2017

Kent Hopping - 19th February

I've just about cleared up all the caches to the east, north and west of me apart from some real stinkers! They are dotted around the place and I don't want to go after 2 or 3 at a time. So Kent beckons and I hopped down to Bean for a couple of hours. The QE2 Bridge was clear and I was parking up 28 mins after leaving home at 0630.

I was trying for Kiki's Family Stroll, a series of 19 caches. However the noise of the nearby motorways was always audible! It was a pleasant walk through woods, paths and a minor Road called Sandy Lane. 

So the caches were all trads and I found all but one. Luckily that one is close to a road so I could hopefully cache & dash that one when I'm next down that way. It'll have to be found first before I go back😀

I think I need to go back soon and find some more. I'm working on a load of jazzyjessups puzzles around that way so that I can go for a forty puzzle in a day challenge. I want to include a CM puzzle in there but to qualify for that, I need to find 20 CMs in a day. That challenge will be tackled this coming Thursday, fingers crossed.