20. Feb, 2017

Wandering Around Warley

It would be useful to find a cache today but not imperative. I thought I'd have a wander looking for the Warley Wander, a puzzle cache but more of a multi around part of the site of the old Essex Regiment Barracks. 

I couldn't find the first clue so moved on and picked up the other five. A part of the barracks that I'd first heard of in 1965 was the Keys Hall. I'd never seen it but now I have, not memorable though. I went back to the missing clue and there it was staring me in the face, doh! 😒

I worked out the final coordinates and walked down past the Ford offices into the Warley woods. I followed the hint and searched in the wrong spot. I then had a brainwave and hit the target! A great multi, lots of interest around including the chapel of the East India Company! Well worth a fave.