24. Feb, 2017

Blow Doris, I'm Going Caching!! - 23rd February

Thursday is the day that I go caching all day. However the media are going bonkers about Storm Doris which is going to create havoc and don't travel unless you have too! Nah, I'm still going caching!

My plan is to find 20 church micros in a day to qualify for a challenge cache at a church, Horton Kirby in Swanley over the water in Kent. It's a 4.5/3 which will fill a nice gap on my DT chart. However, it's galling to have already found 458 CMs before you discover this challenge cache needing 20 in a day!

So I plotted out a route along the Essex and Suffolk  border starting near Chappel, winding my way up to and along the border then dropping down into Manningtree to follow along the Stour if necessary. I'd been given some advice about this some time ago, don't go for multis just trads!

I sorted out a list including a few multis because they were in villages close to trad CMs. I checked  that the multis had been found recently as I didn't want to waste any time. I was soon on a roll until I drove through a village and knew that there was a cache there on my list. So I had a look, it was a multi but simple. There I was at Assington Church, a quick find of the hint item, coords in hand and off to GZ. Trouble was, the cache wasn't there, so it was back to plan A, keep to the list, Bo!

It all went to plan after this until I got to Hintlesham. The previous logs said that the cache needed help but I was unable to give it first aid as I couldn't find it. I achieved my target once I had found the cache following the multi at Bradfield Church.

Along the way, I had found some cracking churches. Things that stand out were the fantastic display of snowdrops in Wormingford churchyard, the Wesleyan splendour of Manningtree Methodist church and the amazing history in Bradfield Church. The first man to land an aeroplane on a ship is buried there and there were so many splendid memorials too.

After that, I starting picking up some more caches around Mistley. I found quite a few trads, an Earthcache based on  volcanic rock called Rhomb porphyry and a sidetracked cache. All in, I found 28 caches on the day in atrocious weather but the show must go on!!