2. Mar, 2017

Colchester Revisited- 28th February

Its not often that I get the chance to visit Colchester town centre. I spend a lot of time geocaching on the outskirts not wishing to pay the parking charges but this week I had the opportunity to visit the innards when we went shopping.

I love Colchester, so much history - Iron Age, Boudecia, the Romans, the Civil War, the contribution by the Victorians, you could spend weeks there and not see everything. We had four hours for the cost of £3.50!

Apart from going in the shops, having a coffee, finding an old favourite eatery etc., I had the chance of a few caches en route. They were all CMs. I joined the long list of DNFs at the Lion Street URC. I found the Roman Church and the Trinity Street CM, both cunningly hidden in very busy places.

I'm going back to the outskirts of Colchester today (Thursday) for a days caching, wish me luck. 👍🏻