7. Mar, 2017

Fobbing March

I need a cache today cos I don't want to go more than two days without a find. There's a new series of trad caches on Fobbing Marsh which I'm saving for situations like these. I walked out to the furthest cache, #6, and it had called problems for the previous searchers. I checked out three caches on the way to #6 and they were ok so I'll save them until later.

Unbelievably, it was a straight walk out to the cache and absolutely no problems here. The previous searchers must have come in from another direction. I tried to find a different path back but ended up on the same track.

I have been planning do a 1/5 cache which would fill a nice gap on my DT grid. Unfortunately it's on the River Blackwater attached to a navigation buoy! Luckily I've been able to hire a boat to get out there. That should be good, shouldn't it.