13. Mar, 2017

Harwich H'away Day - 9th March

As a departure from my usual geocaching practice of choosing random areas to visit, I have decided to work back from the farthest part of Essex, Harwich. I have done a few already so had a list to caches to try to find.

I started off in Ramsey doing some of the "Gromit goes for a walk" series, having one DNF and then did the complete "Festive Tunes" series. I also picked off some of the SEBC series. This was a great walk around Ramsey with the splendid Windmill always in sight.

I then moved onto Parkeston, Harwich and Dovercourt. The caches were mostly odd caches but I made a start on the Mr Men series and picked off some more of the Random series. I did some recon on the HighStreet cache. How this is only a low DT, I do not know! I think I'll give it a swerve.

A long day but I found 40 caches, mainly trads but there were 2 puzzles and a multi. There were also three CMs to add to my tally.