13. Mar, 2017

Kent Capers - 12th March

I was out early on Sunday this week, targeting Sutton-at-Hone and South Darenth. Some pleasant walking along new footpaths, a few c&ds and a wander around villages/towns. I had a chat with a Group Scout Leader of the local troop, who was manning a water station for the Dartford Half Marathon on his own. None of his leaders, parents or scouts had turned up!!

I found 15 caches in a couple of hours. There were a couple of the "It's All Greek To Me" series, some odd trads and four CMs to add to the total. I also had 4 DNFs which is bothersone. I'm going to continue with this plan of action. A day out in Essex during the week and a few hours in Kent on the weekend.

There are so many caches in Kent, I'm planning some marathon sessions - 75 in a day and 40 puzzles in a day. I'll have to wait for the really early mornings though to get maximum daylight to stand any chance though!