17. Mar, 2017

Fobbing Walk - 14th March

I need a cache today just so I don't miss caching more than two days in a row. I have been known to drive miles to the nearest unfound cache just for this stat. Luckily there is now a local walk with a caching series, Teddy's Trail, on the EWT reserve at Fobbing which makes life easier. For the moment, until I find them all!

I, again, chose the farthest cache, ambling along on a lovely, sunny day, checking out the other caches as I went. At GZ, the cache was attached to a spider or was it a giant locust? I could hear a rumbling in the distance and around the hilly field came a tractor with a crop spraying attachment. Immediately thinking "nitrates" I quickened my step to get out of there sharpish. 

On the way back to the car, I started to notice how old some of the buildings were. Old barns turned into houses, thatched roofs, the odd pillbox and an old post office converted into a house.