17. Mar, 2017

Althorne Alright? - 15th March

<p>I had an unexpected couple of hours to kill so drove over to Althorne to pick off a couple of CMs that were bugging me. The first was the multi at the old Methodist Chapel. I quickly worked out the numbers, made sure that they passed the checksum and then it was off to GZ. The hint was blue tree and the cache was a blue nano hanging in a tree!</p> <p>The second CM was St Barnabus in Mayland. This was a bonus cache, part of the Dengie CM series of about 20 CMs. Each cache is important as it contains a bonus number. The series culminates in a cache out near St Peter's Chapel in Bradwell.</p> <p>I had been to the Mayland church before but the cache was missing. Now it was back in place, I had a quick find, finally completing every cache in this splendid series!</p> <p>Another two CMs for the tally, job well done!</p>