17. Mar, 2017

Two Heads Are Better Than One - 16th March

The plan was always to go to Harwich and work backwards picking off caches. I'd been last week and found 40 caches but still so many more to find. However the opportunity arose to meet up with another cacher, Frantica, who also needed to find a few locally. The arrangement was to meet in Harwich at 9am and get on with it.

I started at 8am in Wrabness with a DNF at Primrose Post but soon got on track gaining six more including a VS multi, a ST and the rest trads. I then set off for VS Harwich & Dovercourt.

Having met up with Frantica, we started our geocaching career with a DNF, luckily our only one of the day. We worked our way down the coastline picking up some of the Random and Mr Men series and then the elusive Nuts about the Seaside! We then cut inland picking up more of the series and then worked our way along a hidden footpath, picking off three trads and then working our way back until we got to A Measure of a Great Cache.

This cache has received rave reviews and we soon realised why, when after about ten minutes, I discovered the very clever and cunning cache. This one gets into my top five all time favourites! We then worked our way back to the cars picking up an ST, a multi and another trad. Frantica was going to meet the Annetteam for a coffee so I tagged along.

After coffee in Asda, the Annetteam was going to replace some disabled caches and we were able to tag along. Happily we were allowed to sign the new logsheets. At this point, it was time for everyone to go their separate ways - Frantica to pick up some caches in Parkeston, me to Stour Woods to look for the series of caches there and the Annetteam back to work.

There was a 16 cache series in the RSPB Stour Woods reserve including the bonus. I found all but two of the series and also failed the bonus. I found another cache en route - Essex House, which brought me to a oddly built house which has apparently won many awards.

Time was getting on so I tried for two more in Wrabnes, one dipped and success at the CM. It was a great day's caching, lots of fun, two more geocaching friends and 34 caches found, great stuff!