22. Mar, 2017

Meopham Madness - 19th March

So it's early on Sunday morning and I'm on my way over the QE2 bridge into Kent to tackle one half of the Meopham Madness series. I'm trying for nos. 1 - 20 and if I have enough time, a couple of CMs.

I parked up near #1 down a quiet street, well it was 0630 and set off. It's difficult starting a series by a CO that that you haven't encountered before as you have no idea of their MO. First off the hint was misleading but I got the cache and then the second so I was getting to grips with how the CO thought.

The terrain was undulating but the caching was good. Some clever hints, cunning placements and the scenery was magnificent. It's a pity that #5 was either disabled or archived but it was a great series. At #18, the cache was missing but I was approached by the farmer asking what I was doing. I explained geocaching, what I was looking for and he was quite happy.

However the missing cache had been hidden by stones and they were holding the gate post in place and their constant removal and replacement were weakening the post and hence the fence. As a bull was usually kept in the field, there was a chance that a weakened fence would cause him grief. He was happy with the cache being placed on the other side though. I fired off a message to the CO letting him know the score.

At #20, a multi, I encountered a new type of cache. I had to play a game of snakes and ladders but I didn't have time for this so took a photo and moved on. I had time for a letterbox CM and a multi CM, picking up a TB as well. Time was getting on and I had to be home for 10:00 so back to the car. 

19 caches on the day of which 17 were trads but a great walk and thoroughly recommended. I hope to be back soon for the rest of the series and to clean up orphans.