28. Mar, 2017

A Quick FTF - 21st March

How time flies, it's been a week since I blogged. On this day, a Tuesday, I think, I noticed a new cache pop up in North Benfleet. I'm not a great one for chasing out in the early hours for an FTF but I thought I'd look for this one not expecting to be in with a chance of finding a clear log.

So this trad, NogginsNightmare, was near a bridge on a footpath that I'd never visited. It was a quick find, thanks to a decent hint, and amazingly the FTF hounds hadn't bothered with it! So I made the first marks on the clean paper and on my way!

About a mile away was one of my geocaches which is causing people grief. I can't see why, it's reasonably easy and can be reached from the pavement. There it was minding its own business, strange really.