31. Mar, 2017

Flash and Dash #3 - 26th March

Today was the day for another of my "events" or one of a series of quick 30 minute meet-ups to try to generate some local social activity. I arrived at the venue, a large supermarket carpark in Pitsea to find an early arrival, NathanJHunt munching on a couple of pasties! Mathsnut appeared sans the rest of the family, and then Julie and Andie, collectively known in caching circles as BTL101092.

We chatted about the adventure to Mundon Point the previous day and other interesting caches that the others had gone for. Then a quartet of cachers arrived and after the introductions, it was pippitt, pitbul99, Rinkey and JimHoney. The latter pair were from the USA. They were all whizzing around trying to complete an 8 different type of cache challenge today and this event was one of their targets.

We chatted about other interesting caches on our horizons and I mentioned a kernel of an idea that I had about chartering a boat and going after a 3/5 cache on a WW2 anti-aircraft battery situated on Red Sands Fort in the River Thames. To my amazement, I immediately filled another four spots on the perceived trip. I'll have to start planning!

So it was another good meeting, breaking the previous attendance record and refreshingly, people were asking when the next one is!