31. Mar, 2017

The Lost Caches Of Hazeleigh - 29th March

As we are having a new kitchen fitted this week, my trips out are short and hopefully sweet. I had a couple of hours free so went out to Hazeleigh near Maldon for a couple of NathanJHunt's new caches.

However another of the COs puzzles had popped up a couple of days ago called How Green is the Pearly cache. It made no sense on the first look but then the penny dropped today and it was on my way out to Hazeleigh. I made short work of this one and carried on my way.

I drove out to near The Lost Church of Hazeleigh cache. However there was some dispute with a local landowner and it may be that the cache had been removed. I had no luck here and walked on to The Lost Railway of Hazeleigh. This was on the former track bed of the defunct Maldon West to Woodham Ferrers railway. I have walked on many parts of this railway but not this particular section.

Now this is a 4/3 trad cache with no clues so it's going to be tricky. At GZ I found a Victorian brick river tunnel under the embankment with some splendid brickwork. They had some real craftsmen back then. 

I started looking for the cache, first at river level, exploring the brickwork for gaps and then in nearby trees, but no joy. I followed the GPS but it was bouncing around a bit. I eventually homed in a likely area and after a rummage had the cache in my hand.

So I re-traced my way back to the lost church, having a text conversation with the CO on the possible location. The last log said that the cache had been hidden in tree roots but the CO tells me that it's six foot up a tree! He was right so I sent him some revised coordinates, took a few photos and went on my way.

A pleasant walk in new territory, saw some pleasant sights and had a great afternoon. I like this geocaching lark as it gives me so many different aspects.