31. Mar, 2017

View From A Hill

A local cacher Tot66 has tried to emulate the skills of that renowned map expert Mr Mercator and produced a puzzle cache that depends totally on map skills. You have to identify four locations to start with, which turned out to be trig points. You then had to translate four obscure units of measurement into metres. Finally you have to find a cache located in the intersection of circles drawn from each location.

It was tricky to sort out the locations but I managed that. I converted the obscure units of measurements including points and US blocks. Finally I had to draw the circles. I ended up buying a pair of compasses from a pound shop and improvised with measurements and eventually had a search area somewhere near Hockley.

Today I set off down this footpath that I haven't trod before. The views were spectacular and I think that they are probably the best in Essex! I was relying on finding the hint item as I only had a map reference to hand. I missed the hint item on the first pass but the walk wasn't wasted as the views were great. Eventually I found this well hidden cache next to a tiny hint item obscured by a huge oak tree.

A splendid cache found after a crash course in advanced mapwork.