1. Apr, 2017

Meopham Revisited

This morning I was back in Meopham looking for the second section of the Madness series. There were a couple of missing caches including #18 of the first section and the CO had given me permission to replace as necessary. So just after 7am, I was tramping up the hill towards #18 to drop down a replacement.

As there is very limited parking at the bottom part of the series, I worked backwards from #36. The caches were reasonably easy but the terrain was something that is not replicated in Essex. I replaced one missing cache but I decided not to replace the other as the GPS was jumping all over the place and there were so many fallen hint items. 

There was a multi cache that I couldn't sort out last time, based on a game of snakes and ladders.I  cracked the game at home to give me the coordinates and today I made a quick find of the well hidden cache. I hadn't ever seen a cache like this before so it was well worth a fave.

On the way home, I quickly found the CM at Istead Rise. I needed a CM beginning with I for a challenge cache that I'm working on.

So on the day, I found 18 caches, 16 of which were trads and 2 multis, one a CM. I mustn't grumble.