3. Apr, 2017

Railway Tracks - 2nd April

NathanJHunt had issued some more caches following the defunct railway track that used to run from Woodham Ferrers towards its first stop, Stow St Mary's station. He had placed four caches, two trads and two puzzles near small tunnels under the track bed and one derelict bridge. This had taken some dedication as the tunnels could only be visible once you got down to them.

All the caches were reasonably easy to get to apart from one with a misleading hint. The brickwork on the bridges etc., on this line is excellent and the walk was special because of that. I made short work of the caches and moved on to my next target.

A short walk away was the final GZ of another of Mr Mercator's projection puzzle caches. This one MP10 was based on a bit of history about a mapping legend, Gerardus Mercator. To find this one, I had to delve into long forgotten mathematical equations to find a bearing and a distance from a calculated position. Amazingly I worked out a final GZ but knew I would have to rely on the hint.

At GZ, I had a fruitless search for a while. I found the hint item but it seems that in the 51 weeks since it was last found, there had been changes and the hint item moved some distance away from there it was! I had to contact the previous finder for assistance and eventually found the cache closely guarded by nettles and brambles. 

So five caches today including three puzzles. I'm inching closer to that 5000 cache figure.