9. Apr, 2017

Constable, I'm Capering between Lawford and Dedham - 7th April

Today, my main target is BlueLambs Farewell To Dedham, a multi placed in July 2004. If I find it, an empty space will be filled on my Jasmer grid. My supporting act will be a series called Constable's Capers, following a circular path around Dedham, a distance of about seven miles.

I thought I'd get the clues to the multi and see where GZ was. I had to wander around Dedham gathering information. There weren't any waypoints so it was all pot luck. I only struggled on one clue, only cos the information wasn't there. A cheeky delve into the internet gave me the info that I needed. A quick look at the coords and I could fit it into the Capers walk.

I drove over to Lawford Church where the parking was free. I walked through the churchyard passing the GZ of the CM and made a quick find of the first cache of the series. I made a detour from the route to pick up the ST at Manningtree Station, snaffling the TB. A short walk onwards brought me to the Water Tower. This wasn't what I expected as it turned out to be a water tower from the steam railway days. Unfortunately the tower was covered in ivy so I could only make out its shape. I made a quick job in finding the cache once I started looking for it.

I started seriously on the walk, picking up the caches up as I wandered along until I got near to the GZ of BlueLambs Farewell. My coordinates were spot on and I made a quick find of this old timer but it was in great condition. I moved on picking up the remainder of the caches on the way into Dedham. It was on the home run that I realised that I hadn't put any filling in my sandwiches. Luckily there was a Wilkin's tea room in the middle of Dedham that had a bacon sandwich with my name on it.

After lunch, I found the path I needed and picked up a couple of odd caches before getting back on the track of Constable's Capers. I had a couple of DNFs but found some new caches set along the Essex Way. I made it all the way to the end of the series but realised that I hadn't found the coords for the bonus. Did I miss it or was it in one of the DNFs?

I worked my way back to the car picking up more trads including an ingenious little series called Holey Moley's Sausage Surprise. Very clever idea and very well hidden caches. There was a couple of caches from the Benji's walk series found before I got back to the car. After a bit of refreshment, I had a go at my last cache of the day, Lawford Loot, a multi based on finding clues in and around the churchyard. 

I only needed four clues but couldn't find one of them. However, it only affected the last number of the Eastings of the coords so I took a punt. Thanks to a good hint, I quickly found the cache next to a stream so that was the end of the day.

The final tally was 35 caches, two multis so the rest were trads. Chuck in a SideTracked and the Jasmer filler and it all made a great day.