9. Apr, 2017


I'd been looking forward to this day for weeks! During a chance conversation at my second flash and dash meeting with IzyBuzy, I found out that she was a rock climber and had all the equipment! Not only that but her partner was a rock climbing instructor. So I asked if they would lead a small group in a tree climb of a 3.5/4.5 cache nearby! They were both up for it and this was the arranged day.

I was there a few minutes early and Izy was already up the tree setting the route and Gregory was the anchor. The Mathsnut family were already there and I was disappointed that only one other couple showed up. What an opportunity the others missed.

Mr Mathsnut had first go and went up to retrieve the cache and replace it. Now it was my turn. Once I'd got up to the branches, I made shortish work of getting to the cache but need to lay against the branch to reach the cache. The log was wrapped in plastic which added to the problem. I must say that it wasn't my best ever signature but now "VangeRover" is scrawled on the logsheet of UKME2015: Barleylands Bimble #15 - Theresa Green for all to see!

Many thanks to Izy and Gregory for making it all possible. Izy is up the tree👏