14. Apr, 2017

Easthorpe Escapades - 11th April

Checking through my DT grid the other day looking for potential space fillers on Project GC, I spotted a 5/2.5 challenge in Copford that I qualified for called BINGO. So that was my main target for the day. A quick find of a trad in Marks Tey to start the day and then off to get BINGO. A quick find but I'd done all the hard work before.

My next target was the Easthorpe Stroll series nearby. However before I could start this, I had to find a new trad near Copford Church. This one was topical, opening mini eggs looking for the log sheet. Luckily it was in the second one found!

The series was a pleasant circular walk, all reasonably easy trads and it took two hours to complete including a detour for a new trad called Easthorpe Stamp which was on a lamp postbox. The walk was great, flat, sun shining and just a downside of the half mile walk along the A12 between footpaths. 

Having finished the series, my next plan was to run down to Goldhanger and pick up Mr Crow's Essex 100 - 5/50 - Conclusion. This was my third time lucky. There was only one left in all the Mr Crow's trads Essex 100 - 1/12 - The Wall. This was a quick find and I now know that I was looking in the wrong place last time.

I had decided to be home by 1430 to do some more sorting out of the kitchen so it was time to call it a day. I was pleased with the day so far though. I'd filled another DT space, only another 12 to go! I'd found 24 trads so 25 on the day and no DNFs, result!