18. Apr, 2017

Terling Tunnels & Trees - 17th April

Yesterday I noted that PeverelBlue had found the River Tunnel Walk cache in Terling. You can guess what was on offer and I had failed here before because the water level was too high for my wellies! So as the level had obviously dropped, it was time to have another go.

So I put my wellied boots into the water and got to the tunnel mouth but the water was still too high. Something was wrong as yesterday Mr P's shoes were hardly wet. So I tried at the other end of the tunnel and still high. Then I tumbled that there was more than the two tunnels that I was looking at. There was a smaller drainage tunnel hidden from sight. Once I had found it, the rest was easy. I felt like a right wally.

My next port of call was up near Terling Windmill. Large Oak tree cache is a 4/4 trad and is just what is says. However there were clues that I'd not seen the like of before. There was a notice nearby giving final directions as well as another highlighting the actual tree. The climb was difficult but I go there and signed the log in the large cache.

Next was another new one by the CO of the last cache called Pully cache. So in the depths of a large wood, I'm looking for a length of blue cord at the side of a tree. Luckily I approached it from the right angle and soon had the cache lowered to ground. The log was quickly signed and the cache hoisted to new heights.

I have had a puzzle cache called Templar's Treasure in my solved file for a while and as I was nearby, it was time to check out my coords. There was an obvious feature at GZ but I couldn't find the cache. I read previous logs, widened my search and soon had the cache in han.

My next cache was another puzzle called Back To Basics nearby. At a certain place I am supposed to see the spires of two local churches on specific bearings. There is a cache at that place. The last time I got to where I thought the cache was, it was foggy so no joy. Today was sunny and I'd refined my coords. However I still couldn't see any spires because all the trees in the way. Sad to end the day on a DNF but hayho thats how it goes. However I don't think I'll waste anymore time on this cache.

So four caches on the day, I'm now on 4969 caches and if I have a good caching day on Thursday, I could make the magic 5000!