24. Apr, 2017

Brightlingsea CITO - 22nd April

If I find a cache today, I gain a souvenir of the 3M cache placed. If I go to a CITO today, I get another, therefore two souvenirs. If I go to the Really SideTracked Brightlingsea CITO, there's a special souvenir just for this one. So one cache, three souvenirs, crazy! I know where I'm going!

However, there's a cache down the road almost into St Osyth that will complete my "dates hidden" grid. It's a trad called Archery Fields. As soon as I got there, I knew I'd been down this track before. It leads down to Flag Creek where I've been birdwatching many times with Swallow Tours. The cache was elusive but I eventually filled the grid.

I arrived at the Millenium Gardens in Brightlingsea for the CITO and immediately spotted Cazmocket and TheAnnettTeam. Having said hello to them, I recognised terrapintim from his Twitter photo and introduced myself. In turn he introduced Mang and Wandafree. Having chatted for a while and appeared in a Facebook video that I haven't seen yet, it was time to fulfill the purpose of the morning. 

I set off towards the former station site and started working my way back collecting rubbish. I bumped into Caz, terrapintim, Mang and Wandafree looking for a cache called Off The Prom which proved to be off the radar. We parted company but Caz and I went towards the SideTracked cache, quickly found that and started collecting stuff for our litter bags. 

We walked along the old trackbed but only got halfway towards the site of the old swing-bridge before we decided to work our way back. Caz wanted to look for a couple of caches that I'd already found and it was along this stretch that we found most of our rubbish.

Back at base, there was a barbecue man handing out sausage baps and cups of coffee. What a result! I saw Frantica and was then introduced to JenniUK, the organiser of the event. She said that Off The Prom was there, so a few of us whizzed down there to see the easiest cache that you will ever find. Something wasn't right but it's a find after all.

I had to leave to drive for an hour to get home. However it turned out that Wandafree had come down from North Yorkshire and Tim & Mang had come by train from Surrey, I think, so I was just a local. At home once I started reading cacher's logs, I could see many names that I'd like to have put faces to. Perhaps we should all start wearing name badges or some other form of identification. Just a thought😉