29. Apr, 2017


It's the day of the Kent Mega and due to circumstances beyond my control, I can only spend about three hours there. I'm lucky to get that much as I have no transport of my own just a borrowed car. I got to the Hop Farm about 0830 and bumped into Grobo59! We had a brief chat and while he went to see if the cafe was open, I popped down the road to pick up an easy trad at the gate to the event.

The cafe wasn't open so we hung around and chatted until the event opened at 1000. A quick cup of coffee as the doors opened and in we all piled. I had my fill at the NE Geocaching stand buying up all sorts of containers to get my CO career back on track. There were so many familiar faces and short hellos and chats. 

Frantica said hello and we arranged to do the Labcache series together. I didn't think that I'd have time for this so this was most welcome. As we began to start, Boxteddies, Foxscout, Beastmarsta and geokids arrived so we all went round together gleaning the clues for the caches. So much effort and obviously, time had gone into setting this up. We all had a laugh sorting the series out. We got all the answers and luckily I was able to log all the caches when I got home. 

Time was getting on for 1130 so I knew that I had to be making tracks. I was saying goodbyes to some cachers and I kept recognising more familiar faces. Plus the Beastmarsta was picking my brains about the forthcoming Red Sands Fort trip as he wanted to organise one.

All in all a great morning and I'm looking forward to the next event, which is... tomorrow!