5. May, 2017

My Flash and Dash #5 - April 30th

I was keen to carry on my series of monthly flash and dash events so I chose the Morrisons carpark in Hadleigh as a decent venue. I had hoped that it would draw out some more local cachers from Southend way but alas no such luck.

In the end there was me, Mathsnut, Mr Mathsnut and granny, Grobo59 was a nice surprise and also Vanessa355 and Jason who were newcomers to the hobby. Having said that, V&J only had 100 caches under their belt but had a couple of countries. They gone to see Iron Maiden in Berlin and geocached too!

A lot of the chat was informing V&J of some of the finer points of geocaching and I learnt stuff too. Here's to the next one!