5. May, 2017

Zombie Zafari - May 2nd

No 2 daughter has started a new job and needs to get the 0659 train out of Basildon. So if I'm up at that time, it makes sense to pop out and get a few geocaches, doesn't it!

I'd decided to go over to Kelvedon Hatch to have another try at the resurrected, an appropriate word, Zombie series that had originally been published for the Essex Mega in 2015. So there I was parking up at the church at 0700 and wandering down the road to #1.

Now was it the same series of body parts that I'm looking for or a completely new set of caches? I knew straight away that the old caches had been brought back into play. I made good progress up to #5, finding a nose, a foot and fingers, when my luck blew out. I could have been there all day looking for a severed ear so I moved on. I found two of the remaining three fingers but couldn't get all the numbers to work out the coordinates for the bonus cache.

The missing caches have been found by cachers since so I'll have to go on an appendage hunt soon. Just remembered, there was a souvenir issued if you found a cache today. It has been issued to commemorate the 17 years of geocaching. I retired in 2001, if only I'd stumbled across Geocaching then!