5. May, 2017

Harwich Backwards Again - May 4th

So in a layby near Great Horkesley at 0750, I'm opening a plastic box and signing the logsheet. It's a great start to the day! I moved on up the road to the Water Tower to a puzzle. It was going to be one of those fill the tube type caches but unfortunately the cache has been broken. I signed the log and on my way.

I had a few cache and dashes at letter boxes until I got to Great Oakley CM. This was a multi with a simple calculation but a long walk to a cache that has caused difficulty to others in the past. Luckily I had a reasonably quick find here. I picked up a couple of the SEBC series in the vicinity before setting off working my way up to Little Oakley and back to Beaumont picking up many of the Stamp series.

Around Beaumont, I did a bit of walking finding a large plastic rat and a great visit to Landemere Quay. I found part of what I think is a Thames barge here. Then using Beaumont Church as a base, I found Leafy Way, climbing up, Brookside, clambering down into the brook and The Hollow Tree.

It was now time to go down to Thorpe Le Soken. I had a quick find at the CM and then followed the footpath Down To The Woods where I had a 4/4.5 climb. I then had a two hour circular walk picking up some of the Thorpe Trot series, some more of the Queechy Hen series finishing off with another tree climb, this time a 3/3. 

I had a 33 cache haul, today and about five DNFs, mustn't grumble.