7. May, 2017

Sleepless in Swanley - May 6th

I decided to get up at 5am and get through the Dartford Tunnel for free before six. I'm in Green Street Green trying for the VV4000 Challenge cache. It's a 5/3.5 cache and I need it to fill a space on my DT grid. In fact, along with the Trains & Boats & Planes Challenge cache, it's the whole purpose of this morning. 

The cache was an easy find but it was a lot of hard work finding 4000 caches to qualify! There was a CM multi nearby as a bonus too. This was another easy find once I'd worked out the coords. I drove over to Swanley to find the other target cache, a 4.5/4.5. To qualify, I had to find at least caches in 3, 10 and 15 countries and find caches at least 1000 miles N, S, E and West. Amazingly I had qualified for this one and it was a quick find next to the railway line.

So here it was before 7am and I'm starting the Valley View Revisited series In Eynsham. This was a 12 cache series of trads and 2 multis. It was a great couple of hours walk but I had trouble with the multis, having to come back later once I'd realised what was required. Some of the caches were tricky, stuck in holes in trees in a wood, where the GPS was whirling like a Dervish. Luckily I was able to tease all the caches from their hidey holes. 

Halfway round, I spotted some wild orchids and also realised that a puzzle cache, Good Call, that I'd solved was nearby. The only problem was that the coords were in my solved puzzles book and that was in the car. I worked the coords out again and had a quick find at GZ.

So I'm back at the car and have about 30 mins to use before the drive home. I need to be home around ten, not that I'm going to turn into a pumpkin or something, just the deal that I have with the memsahib. I quickly find the Eynnsham ST and then the 15 Counties CM Challenge cache. This one needs no explanation, however it needs better placement as it's quite visible and not much chance of it being less so. I don't know how it has lasted so long!

Now let's reckon-up! Eighteen caches, made up of four puzzles, 11 trads and three multis. Add in a CM and an ST plus two filled D/T grids and it was a great morning's work especially as there were no DNFS for a change!

Starship VangeRover on Tour reaches #5113.