29. May, 2017

Koper, Slovenia - 15th May

It's Tuesday, we must be in Slovenia.πŸ˜€ Koper is a walled town, formerly part of Yugoslavia but with a large Italian speaking population so street signs are written in Italian and Slovenian. The ship is docked very close to the town so walking very far shouldn't be a problem today.

The big news is that I have a decent 4G signal for £3! After a leisurely breakfast we disembarked and wandered along narrow undulating streets trying to find our way around. We found a cafe with wi-fi so the usual rules swung into play. Off I wanderedπŸ˜‰

I wandered down to the first cache on my list, STC Bonifika, a trad that had a string of previous DNFs but as I was passing, I had to look. It was tricky, well tucked away under a bridge but it was the one that earned my Slovenia souvenir. I then had a ten minute walk out to another trad near the Med to find Koper - Capodistria. This took me about 20 minutes to find under a slab of asphalt amongst huge rocks which were part of a sea defence system. Now it's back to the cafe where Kathy was talking to a couple from Scotland. They were trying to sell Goa as a holiday destination to her. I was up for this πŸ˜€ but the chat fell on deaf ears.😒

After another bit of sightseeing in this wonderful town, it was time for another rest. Amazingly this bar was next to cerkev SV Jakoba Koper, St Jacob's Church. I had noted that this trad had gone missing so had a replacement handy to replace it. I got a note of thanks from the CO so I was happy.

Kathy was happy for me to have another wander so I picked up Nase morje, a trad highlighting some street art on a warehouse. This was hidden in an external socket outlet on the warehouse wall. Bloody tricky too but it was the first one that I'd seen like this. Down the road was another trad, KOPER - Belveder Bastion. This was hidden in the top of a street sign in one of the most popular tourist places in Koper. I had to climb up on a barrier and remove the cylinder from the top. One of the assistant waiters from the ship was watching me so I explained geocaching to him whilst filling in the log, showing him the TBs. Just after I'd put the cache back in place, a lady turned up and it was obvious what she was looking for. After a while, I pointed out the cache to her. She was one half of Family.KUSAR who was killing time whilst her partner was at a meeting. After a chat, it was time to find the wife.πŸ˜€

It was time to return to the boat but I needed just a little more time for the last cache on my list. It was only 300 yards from the boat so Kathy decided to get back on board whilst I strode off to Pomol Koper. I found this trad in quick time and scooted back to the boat to find that security had refused Kathy entry to get back on as I had the passports.😟 I had to buy her a wine to recover from the shock!