30. May, 2017

Split, Croatia - 16th May

The boat has docked, we've had breakfast, I have 4G and Kathy's knee is better. Split is dominated by the Cathedral of St Domnius and the Diocletian's Palace and that was the part of town that we were heading to. A half a mile walk past the bustling ferry port gets us to where I want to go. After a good look for souvenirs in the busy market, we were having refreshment in a cafe near the Cathedral. 

Just around the corner was a trad, Cathedral of St Domnius which I only found because of the splendid hint. Croatia, tick πŸ‘πŸ» However there were so many tourists around so it was a very quick cache and dash and on to the next cache at Diocletian's Palace. Diocletian was the Emperor of Rome from AD 284 to 305. The cache was a quick find as it was in the hands of a French lady cacher. After a quickish chat despite language barriers, I put the cache back where she said that she had found it. Then it was back to the cafe.

Coffees turned into beers then we had lunch but I was in no hurry as my next cache on my horizon was only yards away, an Earthcache, Limestone of St Domnius. After watching a marching display of Roman centurions near the walls that I needed to investigate, I searched for fossils in limestone and amassed the answers to the CO's questions.

It was time to wander around the shops hoping that something would catch our eye to take home but nothing did. I didn't even see a decent t-shirt! I'm the sort of chap that can only wear a t-shirt from a place that I've visited so I'm always on the look out for something decent. I can't stand to see blokes wearing something like Santa Monica Track Team.😑

On the way back to the boat, there was just time to find Miljenko Smoje, a trad that had caused cachers a few problems but was a quick find for me. Oh and there was enough time to have one of the local suds in a pavement bar near the port. πŸΊπŸ˜€