2. Jun, 2017

Kotor, Montenegro - 18th May

What a delightful place, surrounded by mountains and reached by a narrow inlet from the Med into a huge natural harbour. A lovely walled town with a very steep mountain behind it. We walked off the ship past the gauntlet of touts offering trips to local tourist highlights. However we weren't interested, it was Kotor that was going to get our attention today.

You know the form by now. Enjoying a coffee and checking our emails for a while, I noted that there were still problems with the nearest cache, Kotor and set off to find it. I had purchased the daily Internet package but as soon as I got out of range of the cafe wifi, I started having problems. Service was intermittent but I found the alley which housed Kotor. I had taken the precaution to load up a number of spoiler photos before I left the UK but the cache was not in the obvious place. 

I think that I searched every nook, cranny and crevice down the walls of the alley to no avail! I went back to the obvious place and put a replacement cache down. As I did that, some cachers (from Finland, I think) arrived and we compared notes and photos agreeing that the obvious place was correct. They didn't sign the log then, saying that they would return later.

The next cache was another trad, Chapel of Our Lady of Salvation, unfortunately it was halfway up the mountain! There were steps all the way up the winding route and a donkey track alongside. There was a 3 euro charge to get onto the steps and at every turn on the route there was an enterprising local selling bottles of water. 

Blimey, the trek was tough! On my mountain walking adventures in the distant past, I'd put some training in but I wasn't prepared for this. By the time I got to the chapel, I was creased but the effort was worth it. The views were spectacular and I spent some time recovering before I started looking for the cache. It was very well hidden in the rocks but I finally got there. My plans to climb higher were abandoned and I gingerly made my way down the track passing the sweating hordes panting their way towards the summit. 

When I got back to Kathy, it was beer time, then beer time and then beer time. Once I'd re-hydrated, it was time to rest and sightsee. Caches were thin on the ground here but I'd found two of the three that were here so mustn't grumble. Oh, I forgot, I'd earned another souvenir. 😀