6. Jun, 2017

What A Disappointment, I'm Not Seeing Red - 21st May

For a couple of months, I've been planning a biggy. There's a trad cache, out of the Thames, technically in the North Sea, on the landing stage of a former WW2 gun platform. Red Sands Fort GC1DVNY is seen as the holy grail of caches around here and I've hired a boat to get me out there.

The fishing boat has cost 350 notes to hire and I've roped in another nine eager cachers for the trip. It wasn't too difficult to fill the spaces! Everything is set apart from a couple of last minute dropouts but those spots were easily filled and I get up at 0830 to prepare for the journey to Two Tree Island, Leigh-on-Sea for 1145.

As I'm making a cup of tea, I get a text from the skipper, "are you back from your cruise, are you up yet, can you call me?" "Is there a problem" I ask. "Yes, the gearbox cooler has broken and I can't get a replacement for three days, the trip is off."

Disappointment isn't the word that I was thinking but I didn't have much time as I'd got some cachers coming down from London for this. Everyone was surprisingly calm about it much to my relief but what could I do. I've booked another date for later in the year though. 😎